Gwenno Llwyd Till


A chat with the photographer Gwenno Llwyd Till

“I’m Gwenno Llwyd Till and I’m an artist originally from Nant Gwynant/Criccieth, now living and studying film and television in London. I’m 20 years old and in y first year at the University of the Arts London; last year I completed the fantastic Art & Design foundation course in Bangor.

Llun gan y ffotograffydd Gwenno Llwyd TillPhotography and film is my passion, but I also enjoy sketching, creating graphic design work, and written work. I love to use 35mm film but it is quite costly so I shoot and edit digitally to mimic the film style – I love the aesthetic and feel of film, so I’m hoping to work more with this technique as I develop. During the first lockdown period, I took a series of self-portraits to document my experience, almost like a photographyicdiary.

Nature inspires me daily, as I sit beneath trees on a sunny day or swimming in wild pools. There is so much beauty in nature so most of my work until now has been shot in the open air. I like to take portrait photos of women too, and that has been my focus recently! In the future, I’m hoping to live and work in London as a director and filmmaker with other women in the industry.

I love shooting portraits, especially when I relate to the cause – I love to work with talented women who create interesting and inspiring art.Llun gan y ffotograffydd Gwenno Llwyd Till

I worked with my friend Manon Wilson to create the photos shows: she is an amateur fashion designer and created every single outfit featured in the photographs. They follow themes of land, rain, the sea and weather. The purpose of her work is to inspire more research into the many ways we can harness natural elements for social innovation, and also as activism for environmental awareness.

I took these photos on my local beach in Cricieth. I’m very proud that my home is only two miles from the beach and I’m very grateful that I’m so close to the sea and mountains. The open atmosphere of North Wales is a type of beauty that makes you think how lucky we are as Welsh people: everything is on our doorstep. The Welsh scenery plays a big part in my work and I feel very grateful and privileged for this every time.

Llun gan y ffotograffydd Gwenno Llwyd TillDuring the pandemic, I’ve been working as a carer in an old-age home. In the future, I’d like to create a documentary film about the importance of carer roles in our community, especially during Covid, and the importance of the work they do, to raise awareness of the job and to inspire more young people to work in the healthcare industry.

On the whole, my work includes themes of photography that follow portrait narratives. I enjoy fashion and jewellery photography, people and nature, and the effect of mankind on our environment and world.”


Clothes by Manon Wilson
Model: Manon Wilson


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