Magi Tudur

Llun o Magi Tudur sy'n rhan o rifyn 4 zine Merched yn Gwneud Miwsig

Magi Tudur chats about her new crochet business

“I’m Magi Tudur, I’m 21 and come from Benisarwaun, a village in the Caernarfon area. I study medicine at Cardiff University, but will be completing my final 4 years in the North. I love what I do!

Earrings, sunglasses and a bag made by Magi Tudur In my spare time, I write music under the name ‘magi’. I have 2 singles out currently – ‘Golau’ and ‘Blaguro’ and hopefully will release more this year through SkiWhiff. I’m also part of the band ‘Pys Melyn’ but we haven’t been able to do much this year due to the circumstances.

I’m very sociable, and enjoy going to every event and festival possible – so I definitely miss the Eisteddfod and can’t wait to go to Clwb Ifor Bach again.

Because I love socialising, and although I’m having a bit of fomo, the lockdown has helped me in many ways: I’ve had more time to focus on my course. Medicine can be heavy, but when you enjoy what you learn, things can be so much easier.

Also, during the first lockdown, I began my own business – ‘Crochet Magi’ – where I create all sorts of things from crochet. It’s therapeutic, and rewarding being able to make things to order. I’m really into fashion – I’m a bit of a shopaholic – and really like clothing that’s different. So crocheting is a way for me to express my love for clothes! When I haven’t got a stethoscope to hand – I most definitely have a crochet hook.

Crochet Magi began during the first lockdown. I’ve been able to crochet for a couple of years, but it was a good time to start a business to keep myself busy over the long summer!

The crochet pieces I make are fun and colourful and I emphasise that people can order (just about) anything they want – within reason! My inspiration includes the colours of the 70s i.e brown, orange, yellow and flowers – but I also like experimenting with other colours.

More often than not, I create jumpers, tops, earrings, bucket hats and hair bands. But I’ve also been making throws, pillows, bunting and wall hangings. It’s lovely being able to make personlised orders for people, and it’s also lovely to see people wearing them!

It’s very helpful when my customers share their photos on Instagram as it helps promote my business a lot more than they think.

What’s also nice is that I enjoy crocheting, so I’m very happy when I receive orders!


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