Llinos Anwyl

Llinos Anwyl

Llinos is an artist and activist who lives on Ynys Môn. She’s interested in the influence of words on society, and publishing her experiments on @henbapurnewydd. Her main influences are the Dada movement, Fluxus, Ei phrif ddylanwadau yw’r symudiad Dada, Fluxus, confessional art, and concrete poems.

Here’s what Llinos had to say about her work…

My main interest is to deconstruct social concepts in an accessible and understandable way. The norm has to be challenged in many ways, because change does not come solely through research and the publication of essays.

I repurpose old paper by cutting quotes and matching them with other designs/words that produce a new context. Using cuts from different media, I try to reclaim comments by giving them a progressive angle. I tend to focus on cross-cutting feminism, physical politics, sexuality, and capitalism because these are the prejudices I personally face. As Carol Hanisch says, “The personal is political”. Often, I rely on humor to deal with challenging situations (if appropriate) to try and control the situation. In other words, it is a coping mechanism.

Collaging is an activity that relaxes me at the end of a week, and acts as a way of reflection. It’s nice to get a brake off the screen, and just focus on a sentence pattern (I recognize the irony of sharing my work on Instagram).

The purpose of my work is to encourage the audience to question their relationship with the media, whether print or online; to critique what we read, and the ideas in which we surround ourselves.

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